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A key resource to securing a parking spot when on the go downtown! Learn More!

Did You Know...Downtown Waterbury has over 4,000 parking spots available when you are visiting the area?


Downtown parking can sometimes be a challenge. Where can I find a parking spot? How many quarters do I need for the meter? Who can I call if I have questions about parking downtown? The list goes on and on. Yet parking in Downtown Waterbury is a lot easier than you think.

Now you can find out everything there is to know about Downtown Waterbury parking right here. The City of Waterbury and Main Street Waterbury have combined efforts to provide a one stop center to find information and resources that enable ease in your downtown Waterbury parking experience. Whether you are a first time visitor, a local resident, downtown worker or shopper, the parking information provided at this website, not only educates but delivers assurance for your travels and parking in the downtown Waterbury area. Please click here to learn more about the downtown parking resources!

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Waterbury Parking Authority at 203.574.6721
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