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Parking Meter Kiosk

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Parking Meter Kiosk

Waterbury Parking Division announces new parking solution. Learn More!

Did You Know...Downtown Waterbury has over 4,000 parking spots available when you are visiting the area?


The Waterbury Parking Division has announced the introduction of a new pay station parking system for Downtown Waterbury called “Kiosk”. The “Kiosk” is a new way to pay for parking spaces and is designed to replace the older “parking meter” system currently situated throughout the downtown area. The City of Waterbury now joins the ranks of hundreds of other cities across the U.S. employing this method for downtown parking.

Rather than have parking meters situated at every parking space in the downtown area, a “Kiosk” will be situated in various areas on the sidewalks of Downtown Waterbury streets. Parking patrons can purchase their parking time directly at the “Kiosk” by depositing either coinage or a credit card. The Patron can buy various amounts of time or the maximum allowed. A receipt is delivered from the “Kiosk” which must then be displayed, face up on the driver’s side dashboard. Enforcement will remain the same as Meter Aides will monitor the displayed receipts and check for any elapsed times.


In an effort to continue the standard of serving the public with greater efficiency and improving customer service the city has chosen Hectronic to modernize the Buckingham Parking Garage located at 250 Bank Street. This new technology allows the customer to pay for their parking at one of the kiosks located throughout the garage. The City of Waterbury went live with this new method of operation on Monday October 6, 2014. The parking garage staff will stay on site until October 27, 2014 to assist the public with the new payment process and to address any questions.

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